Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy is an interpersonal relationship in which we will talk and think together about what is ever is on your mind. The types of discomfort in your life may include not liking or feeling good about yourself; difficulties in relationships, feelings of loneliness, alienation or marginalization, childhood or recent traumas or losses, self-defeating behaviors, or chronic sadness and doubt,

Teen Therapy


Teen therapy entails helping parents, families and teenagers deal with a wide range of issues such as communication blocks, self-esteem issues, anxiety, attachment issues, depression, difficulty with peers, peer pressure, work ethics in school and home, mood management, media and gaming habits, self-control, emotional intelligence, cooperation and negotiation, self-compassion and many other difficulties.

Child Therapy

Play Therapy

What is play therapy and how can it help your child, family?  

Play therapy helps children in a variety of ways. They can receive emotional support, can resolve conflicts, understand feelings and problems, and can be a playground to try out new solutions to old problems. 

Couples Counseling


Close relationships can be so enjoyable, yet incredibly complex to navigate. Have it be you are are in a committed, long-term, romantic partnership or are having challenges with your mother, brother or best friend - Couples Counseling can be a space where the dynamic within relationship has a space to be seen and examined.